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Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter


What could have led Katelyn, Sherlock Holmes’s adoptive daughter, to 221B Baker Street? Did she uncover the dark truth about her father? And who is the charming clairvoyant who has moved in to 221C? Will Holmes’s implacable logic calm a whirlwind tearing at his emotions as he is confronted by fatherly love, occult rituals and a desire for vengeance?
For the first time in his prestigious career, the most illustrious of detectives must fight not to reveal a secret, but to keep one…

Play as the master detective himself, plunged into a fantastic adventure brimming with intense action sequences.
Track down evil in the darkest corners of London and the depths of the human soul, freely explore several of the city’s districts in search of clues and untangle the threads of multiple intrigues.
Interrogate suspects, gather testimony, collect evidence… Make your own deductions and live with the consequences of your choices.

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The most illustrious of detectives, gifted with extraordinary powers of observation. A keen investigator, Holmes is always prying into other people’s affairs. He is young Katelyn’s adoptive father, and will do anything to protect her.


A former army surgeon, John Watson accompanies Holmes throughout his adventures. In addition to his irreproachable sense of morality, his medical expertise and skill with firearms are of indispensable assistance.


Holmes’s adopted daughter, Katelyn moves in to 221B Baker Street after her boarding school is flooded. Will you be able to protect her from the mysterious threat hovering over her?


A street urchin and occasional ally of Holmes, Wiggins will help the master sleuth with his stealth and unparalleled knowledge of London’s hidden recesses and inhabitants.


Sherlock Holmes’ canine companion, “the finest nose in London” can follow a suspect and find a hiding place using just his keen sense of smell.