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Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter

Actions sequences

Clear a path with your pistol, discretely follow a suspect, flee while being ruthlessly hunted down or fight your enemies with bare knuckles.

Vast game area

Roam Whitechapel in search of clues and suspects or explore Baker Street and take part in a variety of activities.

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Game Engine

The Unreal Engine and use of physically based rendering - cutting edge, real-time rendering technology - provides ultra-detailed reproduction of light and textures for an even more realistic atmosphere and graphics.


Now when you observe characters you have to deduce the meaning of the clues you have gathered. The wrong interpretation will lead to the wrong analysis, and make it harder for you to find the right conclusion to the investigation.

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During interrogations, interrupt witnesses and suspects in order to compare their version of the facts with the clues that you have gathered. Badly-conducted interrogations will cut off your access to some clues once and for all.

Motion capture

Character animation and natural movement have been made possible by using motion capture with actors, including for their dialogue and emotions.

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Levels of difficulty

Select the level you want to be challenged at and adapt the game to your style with two levels of difficulty: Keen detective and Master sleuth.